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On Your Mark

Discover how to love and live like Jesus as you journey through life.

Pastor Ed & Lea - Celebrating 20 Years of Grace

Pastor Ed finishes his service at Grace Church as our Senior Pastor in the same text that he first opened for us: 2 Timothy 4:1-8. Grab your Bible and hear how Pastor Ed instructs us how to "finish well by staying strong"
(Celebration audio included)

The Life of Christ Summer Study
AUDIO:                NOTES:
     Week 1                  Week 1
     Week 2                  Week 2
     Week 3                  Week 3
     Week 4                  Week 4
     Week 5                  Week 5
     Week 6                  Week 6
     Week 7                  Week 7
    Week 8                  Week 8
  Week 9                  Week 9 
     Week 10                Week 10



Destiny...I AM