Pastor Niall welcomes you to Grace Church!Click here.


Come, Let's Reach Our Neighbors Together!

Our local outreach not only impacts those near GraceOnHovey, but the proceeds are passed on to support those in this town, in this state, in this country, and around the world!
Look below for the different ways you can be a part of theBIGgive!

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Sale days are june 6-8


Your group or family can take ownership of a section. Together, you can arrange and prepare your specific tables for the sale. Just contact Sherri Stephens with your request or your assignment!


Your group or family can come together for any of the sessions available by clicking the "SIGN UP HERE" link above. By collectively giving a suggested 8-15 hours of your time, we are sure to stay on top of the loads of donations that pour in!


Sale Days are Exciting! The following are ways that you can fill an important role. Choose your role by clicking on the "SIGN UP HERE" link above.

  • Cashier
  • Greeter
  • Outside Assistant
  • Floor Assistant
  • Prayer Warrior


Setup is Saturday, May 25. Come at 8:30am. We can always use extra hands to make the morning go quicker!

Take down is Saturday, June 8. As soon as the sale ends at noon, we begin boxing up leftover items to be taken away.

Bake Sale - The bake sale is always very popular. We welcome your home baked items delivered by Wednesday, June 5 at noon. The bake sale team will plate and price your goodies. Please label your items (and ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips etc.) and any dishes you would like returned.