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Current Series


Tough Questions

May 28  Does God Exist?

June 4    Can We Take the Creation Account Literally?
June 11  Is the God of the Old TEstament an Angry Tyrant?
June 18  How Can a Loving Powerful God Allow Suffering and Evil?
June 25  Can We Trust the Bible?

July 2     Justice?
July 9     What is Love?
July 16    Is the Bible Homophobic?
July 23    Does Christianity Denigrate Women?

The Humility of Christ

Experience this special sermon series exploring the humility of Christ during this Lent season.


Experience the joy in Christ
* He Who Began a Good Work
* Let Love Abound
* Prison's Great! Wish You Were Here!

ABIDE - A New Year with Jesus

During this series we will explore:
* The Trinity
* How to bear fruit
* Abiding in The Word
* How to abide in love
* The Chosen

One Accord

Prayer & Fasting 2022 Sermons
January 9-30