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What is OIKOS?

OIKOS is a Greek word, the language in which part of the Bible is written, and means “Household.” It refers to an extended group of people including family, friends, and associates. At Grace Church the term OIKOS represents the people we already know - those whom we believe God has placed in our path so we might share the gospel of Christ with them. Simply put, OIKOS includes those people we know and have contact with who need to come to Saving Faith in Jesus Christ.

Identify. Who is in your OIKOS?

  • Family – This includes your immediate and extended family members. There will be a special focus on those living within your community.
  • Friends – These are the people outside of your family with whom you already have a friendship/relationship.
  • Associates – These are the people you do not know as well as your friends, but with whom you have regular contact. This includes co-workers, neighbors, and service people, such as the person who cuts your hair.

Pray. Only God can open a person’s heart.  

  • Prayerfully make a List
  • As you look over the people you know who need to know Jesus Christ as Savior, who is God leading you to focus on at this time?
  • Begin to pray for your list regularly. Prayer is essential to our reaching others with the Gospel! Ask God to create divine appointments with people.

Engage. Look for opportunities to connect.

  • Look for opportunities to Intentionally Engage members of your OIKOS and grow your relationship with them.
  • Before you share the Gospel, extend genuine care and friendship to people.

Share. Be prepared to tell your story.

  • Then look for the opportunities God provides to share your testimony of Faith and the Gospel.
  • Ensure you are prepared and equipped to share your testimony and the Gospel when the opportunity presents itself.

If you are looking to better equip yourself for reaching your OIKOS plan to attend the next Reaching My OIKOS and Sharing Christ with Confidence class.

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