Prayer & Fasting 2018

Prayer & Fasting 2018

Daily, from 02/04/2018 to 02/25/2018, 12:00 AM

 John 17 will be the focus of this year's focus on prayer & fasting.

February 4th begins a special time of seeking God in a very intentional way. Our daily devotion book will help guide you through this time of "Deepening Your Relationship with God".
* Weekly sermons will focus on this theme
* We will suggest additional resources you can access through Right Now Media 
* A separate Children's Devotion Guide will be available on the  Front Porch
* The Gap will be open for use every Tuesday from 11am - 1pm for your use
* We will celebrate what God did in our lives during this time on Sunday, February 25 during the service and at the Chili Bowl.

Letter of Introduction
About Fasting
My Commitment to Fast & Pray
Day 1: God Manifests Himself to Us
Day 2: God Manifests His Name to Us
Day 3: God Manifests His Love to us

Day 4: God Has Given us His Spoken Word
Day 5: God Has Given us His Written Word
Day 6: God Has Given us His Incarnate Word
Day 7: God Has Given us Words we are to Keep
Day 8: God Has Given us True Words
Day 9: God Has Given us Words we are to Believe

Day 10: ...That we Would Be One
Day 11: ...For Those Who Believe in Him
Day 12: ...That we Would Be with Him Where He Is

Day 13: God Keeps us from the World
Day 14: God Keeps us in His Name
Day 15: God Keeps us from the Evil One

Day 16: God Sent Jesus Christ into the World
Day 17: God Sends us into the World

Day 18: Jesus Consecrated Himself for our Sake
Day 19: God Sanctifies us According to the Truth
Day 20: God Gives us His Glory
Day 21: God Wants us to See His Glory



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